Member of the CC 2005-2010
Henrik Danielyan
  • Danielyan Henrik was born on November 7, 1940 in Sevan.
    1957 graduated from local secondary school.
    1957-1960 - worked at the "ArmFish" trest.
    1960-1963 - worked as the Head of department at the newspaper "Sevan".
    1963-1965 - worked as the First secretary of HLKEM Sevan district Committee.
    1965-1969 - worked as a responsible secretary at the "Sevan" newspaper.
    1961-1967 - entered and graduated from the Law Faculty of Yerevan State University.
    1969 - was elected as a judge of Sevan District.
    In 1977 - was elected as a member of the Supreme Court of the RA.
    1998 - was elected as the President of the Cassation Court of the RA.
    2005 - was appointed as a member of the Constitutional Court of the RA by the decree of the President of the RA.
    He has the Highest Degree of Judges Qualification.
    2003 - has been awarded by the decree of famous lawyer of the Republic of Armenia.