Member of the CC 1996-2014
Valery Poghosyan
  • Born at March 25, 1944, in Armenia.
    1961-1966 study in the Yerevan State University, Faculty of Physics.
    1969-1972 Post-graduate study within the Yerevan State University, Ph.D. (1974).
    1974-1990 Philosophy and Law Publishing Chairman of Armenian Encyclopedical Publishing House.
    1990-1991 Deputy of Supreme Council of RA, Law issues resident committee secretary.
    1991-1992 Minister of Internal Affairs of RA.
    1992-1993 National Security State Department Head.
    1993-1996 Advisor of Supreme Council Chairman of RA.
    1996 up to present Member of Constitutional Court of RA.
    1990-1998 Forgiveness Committee Chairman under the President of RA.
    1992 - General-Mayor.
    1998 - High Judicial Qualification of a Judge.
    Author of the following books:
    1. Ideology and Constitution (co-author), Yerevan, 1999
    2. Brief dictionary of constitutional terms, Yerevan, 2001
    3. Human Rights: concepts, principles, approaches, Yerevan, 2002
    4. Democracy and Law, Yerevan, 2003
    5. Political Science (co-author), Yerevan, 2004
    and more than 50 articles, which concerned human rights, constitutional right, politics and etc.
    Language skills: Armenian, Russian fluent.
    Married, has two children.