Member of the CC 2009-2014
Topuzyan Manuk
  • Born on March 5, 1949 in Yerevan.
    1966 graduated from the secondary school No. 64.
    1973 graduated from the law department of Yerevan State University with honour.
    1977-1987 Chief Legal Adviser in the scientific-industrial union "Nairit", Yerevan.
    1987-1991- State Adjudicator, Board member in the State Arbitrage of the Republic of Armenia.
    1991-2000 Head of the legal department of the Government of the RA, Deputy Minister of Justice of the RA.
    November 6, 2000 appointed as the Head-Minister of the Staff of the RA Government. Simultaneously he was the Chairman of the Committee on reforms of the State Administration system.
    April 21, 2008 appointed as the Adviser to the President of the RA.
    July 8, 2009 - appointed as a member of the Constitutional Court of the RA by decree of the President of the RA.
    M. Topuzyan was a member of clandestine United National Party (UNP) established and acting in Armenian SSR.
    Awarded with the RA medal of Mkhitar Gosh, the medal of Garegin Nzhdeh of the R Ministry of Defense, the medal of Aram Manukyan of the RA Police, the commemorative medal of the RA Prime-Minister and F. Nansens Gold Medal.
    Military officer of reserve artillery.
    Married, has two children and two grandchildren.