14 September 2023


The Constitutional Court, in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), launched the "Constitutional Justice Platform" (CJP). This initiative brings together government bodies and citizens who can apply to Armenia's High Court under the Constitution. 

The Constitutional Court is vital for maintaining democracy, safeguarding human rights, and upholding the rule of law in Armenia. USAID's support for the "Constitutional Justice Platform" aims to create open conversations on constitutional justice. This will lead to more consistent legal practices, easier access to constitutional justice, and a stronger understanding of democracy, human rights, equality, and the rule of law in Armenia. 

Through the USAID-backed platform, different Armenian state agencies and national stakeholders will connect, learn from each other, and work together to tackle shared legal challenges. Arman Dilanyan, President of the Constitutional Court, emphasized the importance of the CJP launch, stating: 

“The mission of the Constitutional Court is to uphold unimpeded strengthening of the democracy, sovereignty, freedom, and rule of law in Armenia. Through our Strategic Development Action Plan 2023-2025, we have already identified priority challenges, and addressing them systemically will allow us to enhance the Constitutional Court's operational efficiency. Our international partners, including USAID, support us on this journey. With the launch of the "Constitutional Justice Platform", we formally announce the partnership between the Constitutional Court and the USAID/Armenia Justice Sector Support Project.”    

The initiative is part of the USAID/Armenia's Justice Sector Support Project (JSSP), a five-year effort to help Armenia's government agencies establish a fairer justice system and enhance public trust in the rule of law. In his opening remarks, John Allelo, USAID/Armenia Mission Director, mentioned: 

"We are proud to partner with the Constitutional Court of Armenia on the 'Constitutional Justice Platform' initiative. Through this collaborative effort, we aim to strengthen the rule of law, enhance access to justice, and promote a more unified and equitable legal system in Armenia. This platform reflects our commitment to supporting democratic values, human rights, and equal justice for all."

The "Constitutional Justice Platform" will lead to tailored workshops for specific groups interacting with the Constitutional Court. These workshops will address the rule of law and consistent judicial practices in Armenia. 

This "Constitutional Justice Platform" initiative marks the beginning of a lasting collaboration between USAID/Armenia and the Constitutional Court. In the coming months, the USAID/Armenia Justice Sector Support Project will provide specialized legal expertise and technical assistance to Armenia's High Court. 

This assistance will focus on improving administration, internal processes, and communication strategies to support ongoing institutional reforms at the Court.