Member (Judge) of the CC 1996-2020
Hrant Nazaryan
  • Hrant Nazaryan was born in 26 January 1959 in Armenia.
    1977-1983 graduated from the Yerevan State University, Faculty of Law. At the same time was working in Yerevan's factory ''Luis'' as a locksmith.
    1983-1985 served in the Soviet Union Army.
    1985-1989 worked as a legal adviser, head of Legal Department of Yerevan machine- tool factory.
    1987, qualification and training on the issues of International Commercial Law, Nijni Novgorod, Russian Federation.
    1989-1991 worked as an instructor in "Leninians" District Committee.
    1991-1992 worked as a chief consultant in the Legal Department of the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of the RA.
    1992-1996 worked as a Chief Specialist of the Legal Department of the office of the President of the RA.
    1994, 2000 graduated from International Law Institute, Washington DC, USA; International and Comparative Law Center of Academy of American and International Law, Dallas, Texas USA.
    In 1996 February 5th by decree of the President of the RA was appointed as a member of the Constitutional Court of the RA.
    In 1998 April 23th by decree of the President of the RA awarded the Highest Qualification of a Judge.
    In 2002 defended a doctoral thesis on the subject ''Peculiarities of the USA judicial system''. Candidate of law /Ph.D/.
    Author of some scientific publications on issues of constitutional law, problems of independence of the judicial system.
    By 1996 is a member of the Council of the Center of Constitutional Law RA.
    Is fluent in English, Russian languages.